Drive web traffic to your web site

There are a number of SEO methods used to increase traffic to your web site and this is only part of our over-all Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The simplest way of initiating our marketing would be to consider:

  1. Where are the primary sources of traffic generated from and
  2. How can we not only get our web site there, but also have conversions or even sales from that traffic.

As the statistics on search trend would show, a large portion of web traffic is generated by search engine Google. Google offers organic search results and paid search results, so let’s look at these two options.

About Paid results and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns

If you have noticed the top yellow block results on a Google Search page or right side bar results of a Google search then you have been looking at the “PPC” or “sponsored links” section of a search engine result page (SERP). Advertisers pay per click to be here and results are scaled based on the click rate bid with a multitude of factors adjusting its value on a second by second basis. Based on this bidding system, the display duration generally relies on several factors and the most common being the budget allocated to the advertisement. The benefits to Pay per click are quiet powerfull while looking to drive traffic to your web site. This method of advertising will drive traffic to your site within just a few hours after setting up correctly and generally guarantees placements (within guidelines).

Pay per click options are adjustable, allowing you to modify of variables such as,

a) When the ad will show
b) What target market you would like to show the ad to
c) What exact, broad match, phrase match or included keywords you wish to use
d) Allow the change of ads displayed to suite the keyword matched
e) Provides direct links into your website pages via link extensions
… and much more

In Short, It works! – PPC spend results do drive qualified search traffic to web sites when set up correctly and managed. Emunicate offer full management packages for PPC advertising which will drive traffic to your site in no time. Contact us to set up a one month trial for as low as $20 per day. If you are new to Google Adwords, let us offer you a $50 free Adwords account to get you started.

Non Pay Per Click

If your aim is to make it to the top of search engine result pages to drive traffic to your site organicly, then you will need an specialist optimiser and strategist to work with. Emunicate are ready and in your corner to provide you the best results in SEO, utilising our uniqe WMS5 (web marketing strategy 5) to undertake a full assessment of your site, locate the keywords relating to your business or product and focus the campaign around these keywords through 5 elements of marketing where SEO only being ONE PART of the WMS5 formula. For more information on WMS 5 please contact us today.

Need More Information
Emunicate offer a full outline of SEO and SEM brochure on these two types of Search engine strategies of driving traffic. In the above explanation of SEO and SEM with regards to driving traffic, we have outlined the importance of driving general traffic. For more information on focused traffic, please see our Generate leads and convert sales pages. Further, you are welcome to view our SEO and SEM brochure and for more information please contact us.

Emunicate provide comprehensive search engine strategy. Drive qualified visitors to your web site. We offer top class conversion strategy and Lead generation.