Website Maintenance Program

Ongoing Web Site Maintenance and Update Services

Emunicate offer management services and web site maintenance programs for your web site. We develop fast quality code, backups, additions and more to your site and undertake any necessary updates required. This enables you to focus on what you do best… Your business. Our priority service means your website is attended to within 1 business day – ask us about fast priority development.

Do you require regular updates?
Do you require specialist development additions?
Do you want a management package that allows you flexibility?
Is your web site more than 30 days old?
Are you too busy to maintain your own web site?
Do you want to save time and focus on your business?

Emunicate offer 2 types of update and maintenance services

1) On Hourly Bases:

If you only require changes or updates to your web site from time to time, we can provide maintenance services on an hourly basis.

2) Ongoing Maintenance Program:

Includes ongoing changes and regular updates, month by month basis.

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All Our Packages Include:

  • Priority service with fast Turn Around (1-2 Business Days)
  • Updates, or new website pages, images and content
  • WordPress, Shopping cart additions, html, php / sql and more.
  • Custom modules created
  • Custom systems Development
  • Backups and modifications