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Content Management Systems

Emunicate CMS (Content Management Systems)

Ideally, this is the simplest way of keeping your web site up-to-date, correctly formatted, SEO friendly and generally without needing a web developer in the office. Fresh, new and relevant content is becoming more and more important to Google and an integral part of search engine optimisation. Emunicate develop a variety of CMS (content management system) solutions for your business with all the correct protocols in place to ensure a healthy SEO site structure. Generally running on the php/sql platforms we offer this to our clients for their freedom of modifications.

CMS and data management systems:

As the name suggests, a content management system is simply a website that allows user interactivity with little knowledge about code or website development. We recommend the following content management systems due to their flexibility and growing community modules available.

php fusion

View our CMS page for more information on this.
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