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Convert Leads browsers to buyers SEO

Three steps to convert leads on your web site.

Converting sales and leads requires more than simply driving traffic to your web site and hoping customers leave an enquiry or purchase based on the number of hits you receive. The ability to convert a sale or lead from your web site, relies on three core outcomes working together.

  • Is traffic driven to the web site qualified traffic. e.g. through the use of correct keywords, market placement and demographic if applicable.
  • Are the visitors ready to buy or do they simply require more information about your product or service
  • Does the website provide quality information and design, simple navigation to complement what they are looking for?
  • What content is relevant and what part of the site or pages are your customers spending most of there time (Google Analytics tool is a great way of getting this information).

Then comes the part of the sales process which should seal the deal.

  • Enquiries or leads returned through the web site are professionally answered. – Ongoing follow through and other methods.
  • NOTE: Generally the enquiry converts into a sale based on the information provided – so be sure to provide this information correctly.


Scenario 1
Lets look at a scenario where we assume your conversion rate is 3% and your web site generates 100 visits. Effectively 3 visitors would have left an inquiry. Now, in order to generate 100 of these inquiries you would need 3000 visits to your site.
Now lets assume Emunicate optimised your conversion rate to 10%. This means 10 customers left an inquiry rather than 3. Effectively we would have generated the same results with a third less visitors. (great for PPC). Now, assuming you got the same visitors as scenario 1 then you would receive 300 inquiries from this campaign as opposed to 100.

Conversion Optimisation – The old saying “Turning browsers into buyers”
There are many factors tied up with conversion optimization however the three main areas involved are:

1) Quality Keyword Research
2) Effective navigation
3) Attractive / inquisitive pages

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