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How to generate quality leads?
Generating quality leads is the stepping stone to making sales whether it is in your online store or in your conventional business. Some elements of lead generation are created by strategic thinking, attractive websites and illustration as well as accurate and enough content and detail. WMS 5 addresses lead generating in detail however, lets start with the basics to consider here.

What is your customer looking for?
• Do you offer the correct product and is it easy to find?
• Is it simple to navigate your website in general?
• Are terms and conditions clear, pricing, and payment options?
• How is the overall usability of the site, do the pages load fast enough with the right content
• Why should the person browsing your website leave an enquiry or buy the product?
• Are there any special offers
• Does your website contain “call to action” navigation

Emunicate offer a full assessment of your website to ensure more quality leads are generated for you. For more information on generating leads, please contact us today.



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