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SEO Brand Protection PLUS SEM Click fraud Protection

What is brand protection?

Brand protection is simply a term we use in SEO to prevent negative feedback and rescue a name or brand which is being tarnished or slandered online. It is often the case where brands are undermined by reviews or reports as well as forum slander etc. When your customer searches your brand online for results and finds such content it can be damaging and in fact a costly loss of business. Emunicate offer a Brand Protection package to solve these problems. We work directly with the root of the problem keywords and amend results to show our favorable suggestions.

Consider this scenario
A competing restaurant goes on and writes a review slandering a competitors restaurant. The accusations are false and even defamatory. You would stand legal right to fight the removal of such review however the reality is an enduring process. Emunicate search engine optimisation product Brand protection, can offer a clean fix with a set cost and time constraint. We guarantee our work in all areas of SEO.

What are some situations where will Brand Protection will help my business?

• Slanderous Restaurant reviews from unhappy customers or competitors.
• Legal and private information which should not be displayed although Google and other search engines have indexed it.
• Forum posts
• Email spam fraud
• Social Media Marketing – Facebook – Twitter – Youtube etc


Click Fraud Protection SEM

SEM Click protection offers the unique ability to filter fraud clicks on your Google adwords campaigns. We not only prevent suspicious and fraudulent clicks, our intelligent software also bans these ip addresses from viewing your ad protecting your daily budget. Contact us for more information about this service.



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