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WMS 5 Web Marketing Strategy

What is your web marketing strategy?

Generating quality leads is only a stepping stone to making sales whether it is in your online store or in your conventional business. Lead generation, either paid or organic require strategic channeling to ensure its success. Attractive, easy to use web sites and illustration as well as accurate and enough content and detail are a large part of this formula.

Emunicate utilise a system called WMS 5 which addresses lead generating in detail PLUS the full scope on online marketing from A2Z. As well as the on-page and outbound optimisation strategies used, Emunicate also detail a strong in-bound and off-page strategy based on your business goals. This component to your business is a powerful feature Called WMS 5.

Top 10 slices to a healthy Website Marketing strategy;

  • Keywords research
  • Current state of traffic to site
  • SEO assessment
  • SMM (social) integration
  • SEM assessment
  • Web site structure
  • Content + Special offers and information
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Site Navigation
  • Technical Assessment


Emunicate offer a full assessment of your web site to ensure more quality leads are generated for you. For more information on SEO, please contact us today.







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